The fire protection district is approximately 130 square miles and is one of the largest in the State of Illinois.

The members of the department consist of six (6) full-time career staff which are on two-man duty shifts 24 hours. The career staff are cross-trained as Illinois Certified Firefighter /Paramedic and respond immediately to fire and emergency medical calls. There are also approximately 20 part-time personnel which are alerted via radio/pagers and respond with additional equipment to assist in firefighting and/or medical care.

The firefighter training meets the requirements of the Office of the State Fire Marshal of Illinois. The emergency medical training follows the rules set forth by the Illinois Department of Public Health and the protocols of the Rock River Region EMS, Region I of Illinois. Most of the members of the department are cross-trained in both fire and EMS, but some are strictly trained as firefighters while others are strictly EMS providers.

The Mendota Fire Department is a member of the Illinois Mutual Aid Box Alarm System (MABAS) Division 25, which includes all of LaSalle County (second largest in Illinois) as well as part of Bureau County. This mutual aid association gives the Mendota Fire Department a vast number of available resources for fire, medical, and specialized rescue responses.

The Mendota Fire Department maintains three engines (1-1,250 gpm pump and 1-1,500 gpm pump), one truck (100' quint, with a 2,000 gpm pump), one heavy rescue unit, one brush unit, one 3,000 gallon tanker, one ALS (paramedic) ambulance, two BLS ambulances (stocked ALS - upgraded with a paramedic), one utility pickup truck, and one chief's suburban. The City of Mendota has a Class 5 ISO Fire Insurance Rating.