The Mendota Fire Department would like to remind the citizens of Mendota and the Mendota-Troy Grove Fire Protection District about the importance of the “Vial of Life” program to the community. The “Vial of Life” provides new medical assistance that was not previously available. The assistance is in the form of a small plastic vial that will be kept in your refrigerator. Any household can obtain this vial, along with the accompanying magnet and form. This vial will provide emergency personnel such as EMS, fire, or police personnel with vital life-saving information, even if you are unable.

Emergency medical personnel are trained to look for a “Vial of Life” magnet on your refrigerator. Because time is of the essence in life-threatening emergencies, the “Vial of Life” provides rapid access to potentially lifesaving medical information about your health.

There are five steps when using the “Vial of Life”:

  1. Obtain your free “Vial of Life” kit
  2. Complete the “Vial of Life” form
  3. Fold the form and place it in to the “Vial of Life”
  4. Place the “Vial of Life” in a prominent place inside of your refrigerator. (For example the top shelf on the door of your refrigerator)
  5. Attach the “Vial of Life” magnet to the outside top corner of your refrigerator to alert emergency personnel to the presence of the “Vial of Life”

The “Vial of Life” kit is available free as a public service from the Mendota Fire Department and can be obtained at Fire Station #1, 610 Main Street. If you have any questions on the “Vial of Life” program or you are unable to pick a kit up at the Fire Station, you may call the department at 539-3434 and a kit will be brought to you.