Dear Teachers,

We hope you find this web site helpful in teaching your children fire safety. We have provided a fun way for your students to learn a wealth of information on how to be fire safe. If you have any questions or comments please call us at 539-3434.

Visit Spark and learn about safety

On this link Sparky the Fire Dog gives all kinds of information on fire safety. It is in a "fun" format and the kids will enjoy it.

  • Visit "fun with fire trucks" and look at different fire engines and even take a virtual tour of a fire truck.
  • Don't forget to look at Sparky's Arcade. There are games for children that can read as well as those who can't yet. The readers can take the "Fire Drill Challenge", read "Tales from the Great Escape" and visit "Safe with Sparky." The non-readers can play the "Safety Shuffle" and "Know the Noise." There are also four coloring pages that reinforce fire safety.
  • Sparky's web site also boasts "Hot Diggity Dalmatians," "The Story of Sparky," "Cool to Do" and "Family Stuff." Have the kids visit Family Stuff at home as their family can make their own fire escape plan and have it documented.

Another great site for children is the USFA's Kids Page. This also features a format that is kid friendly.

  • Learn about smoke detectors under the heading "smoke alarms."
  • Plan you escape under "Escape Planning."
  • Gain knowledge about "Home Fire Safety."
  • Visit "Hydro's Hazard House."
  • Don't forget to check out the "Games."
  • You can even become an official "Junior Fire Marshal."

Visit USFA's web site

Visit FEMA's Games and Quizzes to learn more about disasters. Although this doesn't directly involve fire safety, it does offer good information about natural disasters.

FEMA's Natural Disaster Games